Podcast with Alex Dyson

Alex Dysons and I try to create a podcast devoid of faff and untainted by triviality, and miss by a long shot. Like, not even close. But we do have interviews with comedians and footballers and news readers and listeners and it's only 25 minutes. Subscribe!

Seek Alternate Route

How to change your career -THE PODCAST!

Want to hear me muddle through the big wide world of making a career change? I made a podcast called Seek Alternate Route - with my friends over at Seek, hence the clever name - and it's all about career change. It’s also in the business section, so if Dad asks I can say I’m in business now.

triple j

oof about 7 years or so

Yeah there was that time I was on triple j. Started at mid-dawns, did some Weekend Afternoons, bit of The Breakfast Show. There's was only one show I didn't present during those 7 years - Home and Hosed - and that will remain my greatest regret.


Protest Web Series

I created and co-directed a little web series about a marriage celebrant who happened to be gay. He kept having to work on other people's weddings instead of his own. And perhaps these other people shouldn't have been getting married. It stars Brendan Maclean, Tom Ballard, Veronica Milsom and a bevy of others.

Positions Vacant

ABC Comedy

I produced and helped write this funny little show with Ray Badran and Susie Youssef. It features Hamish Blake, Ronny Chieng, All Our Exes Live In Texas, Benjamin Law, Gen Fricker and Matt Okine.

Stand Up

From time to time

Sometimes I have some thoughts that I will say. But only if it really strikes me. Not sure how many white middle aged male stand ups we need in the world. Yes - I'm a hero - for not doing the slightly terrifying thing.

Bang On

Founding producer

There is a difference between radio and podcasting. And I helped Zan Rowe and Myf Warhurst find that out when we launched their hugely successful culture podcast Bang On.

Comedians Talk Over Movies

Exactlky what it says on the tin

For a couple of years we've been running Comedians Talk Over Movies at Golden Age Cinema in Sydney's Surry Hills. We screen movies and talk over them. Usually with wine. 

Rhys Nicholson: Bona Fide

Directed Barry Award Nominated Comedy Show

I direct Rhys Nicholson's shows. Adding a bit of pathos and story. And in 2016 Bona Fide was nominated for best show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Barry Awards. Pretty cool.

What Goes On (on) Tour

Tour Podcast with All Our Exes Live In Texas

In 2017 ARIA Award winning folk band All Our Exes Live In Texas went on tour, and I went with them. When we got back we recorded a podcast and then released it 9 months later - for no discernible reason but laziness.

Save The Date

Marriage Equality

In the lead to marriage equality, my partner Rhys Nicholson and I started a podcast to just chat about where we were at. Try and bring some humanity back to a debate that was increasingly treating LGBT citizens as a political football.


New comedy from the best comedians

For about 5 years I've run Comedyish, where the best comics in the country come together and try out their new material ahead of the comedy festival season. It is a hugely successful club show, considering the jokes can be a little... fresh.

Sydney Comedy Festival Podcast

4 seasons

For 4 years I interviewed as many of the comedians in the Sydney Comedy Festival as I possibly could for about 10 minutes each.

It Gets Boring

Film for Headspace

Rhys and I joined up with headspace to make an it gets better video... sort of. I wrote it.

Spoiler Alert

Movie Quiz Show

A few years I got some movie loving writers together to put together a live movie quiz show. It was big and fun and dumb - and expensive.

Making Friends

Craft show with Rhys Nicholson

​This one really stuck with people. We always get asked what happened to Making Friends. Basically we didn't have room to store all the craft anymore. It featured the likes of Mel Buttle, Matt Okine, Alex Dyson, Nikki Britton and more. I produced the whole shebang - and should've hired someone for lighting.

Hosting & Panels

Host/guest, host/guest, host/guest

I've hosted a bunch of panels and been other heaps of others. ABC's Oz Pod Podcast conference, Vivid Youth panels for youth in music, TedX Sydney hosting. Heaps.

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